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Dietary Service

Dietary service at DSFH follows Evidence-based practices and it is updated regularly by subscribing to international journals and attending worldwide seminars to affirm knowledge will be reflected to the service.

Our highly qualified and trained dietitians help patients craft healthy lifestyles, promote healthy eating habits, ad are essential members of our obesity management programs.
Dietary service at DSFH provides nutritional and medical nutrition therapy and education to patients, their families/caregivers and to the community through regular awareness programs about proper diet and diseases preventions.

Services Provided:

  • Dietary Clinic , located in 3rd floor, Bldg1 east
  • Providing Medical Nutrition Therapy for inpatients admitted in DSFH
  • Assessment and diet management of all inpatients identified to be at high nutritional risk like diabetics, patients with renal failure, patients with malnutrition, etc…
  • Preparation of Nutritional Support Formulas for in-patients
  • Supervision of the preparation of Therapeutic Diets to Inpatients to ensure that meals are prepared according to prescribed diet
  • Education to staff and other Health care provider

    Working hours and days of week for diet clinics:

    Outpatient- Dietitian Clinic: 0800 until 1700 Sunday till Wednesday.

    Outpatient- Dietitian Clinic: 0800 until 1200 Thursday.

    Outpatient-Dietitian Clinic: 0800 until 1200 every other Saturday.

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