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Quiz Instructions :
1. Fill the fields with your Name, Phone and Email.
2. Answer the Quiz questions and  click submit..
3. Winner will be chosen according to the time spent answering the Quiz.
4. Winner will receive an Email or A telephone call from us as soon as selected.
5.The award is a 3 entertainment coupons to AlShalal .

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The Patient Teaching Center is supervising the competition the quiz of the month on hospital website. This competition aims to increase awareness about some of the common diseases through putting certain questions which prepared by health educators and reviewing and approving by the consultants who in-charge with the quiz topic before upload to the hospital website. The Participation is open to all hospital website visitors (except the DSFH employees), and at the end of each month will chose one winner. The award is 3 entertainment coupons to AlShalal for the winner. This award does not include the granting of ticket and place of residence to those who are outside the Kingdom or Jeddah city. The announce of the names of the winners on the hospital website will be at the first day of each month after we contact with winner and inform him/ her about the award and take a picture if possible.

For more information please call 012-6655000 / 1194 – 1206

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