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To emerge as a center of excellence for Health Professionals Resuscitative Education and Skills Training in the region, and provide a platform for community education in our field of expertise to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital and other organizations inside and outside the healthcare industry. Also, to foster an environment in which the Life Support Training Center is valued as an integral part of patient care both academically and practically, and align with DSFH vision of providing healthcare services of unparalleled quality.


To provide the necessary education to healthcare professionals in basic and advanced life support resuscitative in order to raise the standards of emergency care throughout the kingdom. LSTC also tailors to the community by providing the following programs for lay rescuers:

  • Heart Saver.
  • First Aid.
  • CPR for family and friends.
  • LSTC introduces excellent education and training materials, and evidence based curriculum with a variety of courses including healthcare development initiatives such as Airway Management and ECG interpretation courses.

LSTC Scope of Service

Click Here to download the LSTC Scope of Service form.

SHA CPR Portal Registrations Instruction

Saudi Heart Association-CPR Portal Registration Guidelines

Greetings from Life Support Training Centre/Academic & Training Affairs at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah.

General Instructions:

  1. Registration for our courses can be done on the Saudi Heart Association (SHA) portal. Please visit log in to your account on ksacpr.org.sa
  2. Every staff member should create their unique user name and password on the SHA portal.
  3. To standardize the registration process, we recommend to create a user name containing hospital or company name together with the I.D of the staff (for example: “DSFH1111”, “COMPANY 000”).
  4. The password for all participants can be: 123456

Registration Procedures:

1. Access the SHA portal (ksacpr.org.sa).
2. Click.

Once you submit your registration request you will receive an SMS/Email for SADAD notification.Once SADAD Payment is done, revisit CPR portal and log in with your chosen credentials and activate your account by entering the activation /confirmation code you received via SMS or email.

(DSFH staff only: please indicate your course completion card expiry date).

Course Registration:

1. Start the registration process by logging in to the portal.
2. Select the course (BLS or ACLS or HEARTSAVER’S/FIRST AID) from the course catalog.
3. Search for our training center ( Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah).
4. Find the list of batches.
5. Register to the course simply by clicking on the Register Link.
6. Check the I Agree for the Terms and Conditions of Cancellation Process box (please note that this may be different at LSTC so please contact us for the exact information and regulations regarding cancellation … etc).
7. You will be redirected to the My Courses Page under My Activities menu and the registered course will appear in your active courses list.
8. For attendance, you will receive an email titled “Acceptance of your registration”‏ where we ask you to immediately contact LSTC once registration is ATTEMPTED and/or     APPROVED by the Centre (otherwise the registration will be automatically cancelled by the system) to finalize the remaining process including slot availability in the requested course and other matters for the satisfaction of all parties involved (FOR DSFH COURSE ELIGIBLE STAFF LSTC SHALL HANDLE THE PAYMENT ISSUE).
9. Once LSTC is contacted and the payment is settled, you must go to my activities, select my courses, click on payment details and select cash payment mode then submit.
10. The course status will appear as payment realization pending. External participants are requested to be present personally for payment and to receive their manuals.
11. You will receive ”Course registration fee receipt”‏ in the given E-mail.
12. Once the course status changes to Payment Realized that means your registration is completed successfully. At this point LSTC will give you a course information document highlighting key course related issues. Please get in touch with LSTC.
13. After the completion of the above process, you need to take an online exam-a pre exam (mock test to better prepare for the course) before attempting the final exam at the LSTC. The result of the pre exam will not be taken into account. The candidate can view the previous exam results in the portal.
14. Candidates will be issued a certificate for the course only when they attend the entire course and successfully complete the Skills Evaluation and Written exam which will be conducted either online or offline during the day of the course.
15. After successful completion of the Final Course End exam, candidates can access the E-Certificate online by logging into the portal in the My Activities>>My courses>>My Completed courses by clicking on the E Certificate column and can print their E-Certificate anywhere. This will be generated only after the participant has completed the feedback for the course & the instructors.
16. At any time, the candidates can login to the portal, navigate to My Activities>>My courses and view the completed and active courses history.

Note: You must register for the course 2-3 weeks prior to the start date. You will receive confirmation depending on the availability of time slots. Please keep note of your current certification expiry date and make sure that you have enough time before the expiration of your certificate.

Please do not hesitate to reach-out to one of the following contacts for any clarification:

Mansour Memon Director LSTC : 00 966 59325 9053 / 012 66 55 390
Anuradha Dhandapani Coordinator : 00 966 59 325 9416
Vivian Malimit Secretary : 012- 66 13947/6613902/6614021 / ext. 158-159
LSTC Email : lstc@fakeeh.care
Fax : 012 6606279

Thank you and we look forward to having you onboard CPR RESUSCITATION EDUCATION AND TRAINING!

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