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Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital enjoys extraordinary credibility with journalists.To maintain its reputation for excellence in clinical care; and to advance the public understanding and awareness of the disease and treatment, DSFH encourages staff to participate in news gathering by news organizations, as well as appropriate proactive and reactive relationships with news media.The Public Relations and Media Department at DSFH is your official link to national, local and international press, broadcast and online media. PR and M director is solely responsible for facilitating, producing and distributing worldwide all DSFH, business and other news releases, official statements.Providing around-the-clock news and information services, response to journalists’ inquiries and communications counseling, the PR and M staff also works with broadcast and cable networks, film and entertainment producers, magazine editors and freelancers to plan news and feature documentaries, entertainment programming, letters to the editor and opinion articles.

Privacy Statment

Access to DSFH is based on the understanding that members of the news media will adhere to all policies and laws related to patient privacy, including obtaining patient authorization prior to disclosure of patient information. A patient being interviewed has the right to withdraw consent for press use of his or her identity and protected health information at any time before, during or after the interview.A patient also may also terminate an interview at any time. In such cases, the news media must immediately end the interview and any related recording or filming of the interview subject. If such a patient also withdraws consent at that time, news media once again may not release protected health information or in any way identify the patient.Please also note that under DSFH policies and procedures, “protected health information” includes direct or “overheard” conversations between and among caregivers, patients and family members, as well as information contained in medical records. Therefore, while DSFH provides reasonable press access to its facilities, if members of the press should overhear or see “protected health information” that is not covered by an authorization they must not use or disclose that information without obtaining a specific authorization for that information. To keep inadvertent disclosures to a minimum, restrictions in some areas may be imposed and escorts for all news media film crews and still photography are required.

Media Center Contact

For more information, please contact the Corporate relations management department
Tel: 00966 12 6655000 Ext: 2801, 2809
Fax: 00966 12 6603754
Email: media@fakeeh.care
Working hours 8:00am to 6:00pm (Saturday to Wednesday)

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