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Social Service

A rush of emotions can be associated with any health situation report. With this believe, our social workers at DSFH deliver the diagnosis results to patients and their families with compassion and empathy helping them fully understand the dimensions of their condition as well as providing them with consultation and support to make the right decision. Our social workers also form an integral part of interdisciplinary hospital teams. Their unique case management skills play a pivotal role in helping patients and their families remedy the social, financial, and psychological situations resulted from their health condition.

The main activities of a social worker at DSFH include:

  • Initial screening and evaluation for patients and families.
  • Comprehensive psychosocial assessment for patients.
  • Helping patients and families understand the condition and its treatment options as well as the consequences of choosing one treatment or no treatment.
  • Helping patients and their families adapt to the hospital environment, possible role changes, and exploring emotional and social reactions to illnesses and treatments.
  • Educating patients on the roles of health care team members, and facilitating communication between them by interpreting and simplifying information.
  • Supporting patients and families in their decision making process.
  • Analyzing the underlying mental and emotional status of the patients to offer support and potentially refer them for an individual, family, or group psychotherapy sessions.
  • Educating hospital staff on patient psychosocial issues.
  • Promoting communication and collaboration among health care team members.
  • Coordinating patient discharge and ensuring the continuity of healthcare planning.
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